Mixtape: NHDub – World Wide


We at NHDub are extremely excited to announce that we have finally concluded our latest venture, the World Wide mixtape. The mission of the project was to pair MCs and producers that regularly contribute to all the wonderful sounds that you hear daily on NHWWW. Truly a “world wide” experience, we have compositions from some of the best beatmakers and lyricists on the planet. World Wide features the sounds of British beat composer Motel Eola, South African producer C-Rock Beats, as well as Trill Gates Beats and Eli Saf from the American side of the Atlantic along with many more producers. Notable artists such Awkword, Eazy Steve & J.O., $osa, CuzOH!, Kaddie Lak, Simile and newcomers INCrowd, Kenny Bryant, Hapless, 10 MP and more are on tap.

Album: Tom Delay Beats – Programming (Instrumental)

Tom Delay Beats’ new instrumental album Programming is now available via Brake Fast Records. Programming offers a plethora of hypnotic beats, as the progressive producer increasingly flirts with a minimalist style. Tom Delay Beats continues to maintain the core production values of the genre, while, at the same time, subtly diverging from it. Keep an eye out for an exclusive track produced by Tom Delay Beats on NHdub’s upcoming World Wide mixtape.