Video: Wordsmith – Traffic Jammin’ (dir. by NU Revolution Filmz)


Though there is great detail in Wordsmith’s lyrics he manages to create catchy melodies in a vocal tone the average blue collar citizen can feel good about singing themselves.  Available September 17th, fans alike will be able to use The Blue Collar Recital as a musical mood ring as it contains songs to fit any portion of a regular blue collar workday

Video: Wordsmith – Living Life Check to Check (dir. by Govinda Collective)

Just about every story describing the “American Dream” starts at the bottom with the world watching the rise to the top or the unfortunate fall from grace. Whether it’s on television, the big screen or music; the forgotten about grey area is taken for granted. The Middle class, the backbone of the United States, is the engine that keeps America running in a time where wealth and high fashion are glorified.  Wordsmith’s The Blue Collar Recital will be available in stores and online September 17th.