News: SKE Records DJ YRS Jerzy Talks With WMUR Radio

Helping to build an artist (Chox-Makand independent record label (SKE),  DJ YRS Jerzy has been making a lot of noise lately.  In the year it has been since connecting with with co-owner of SKE Records, Q The Question, DJ YRS Jerzy has garnered even more success.  Also the head of DYJ Management, Jerzy and Chox-Mak have their own brand “90’s Flow” which he talks about with WMUR Radio.

News: Q The Question Tells Story of SKE Records with Diamond Kesawn.

SKE Records is constantly building a huge following day by day.  With rising star Trel Mack making a huge presence and new artist Petter Jones on the rise as well, good things are soon to come.  The man behind it all, co-founder Q The Question, recently called in to do an interview with Diamond Kesawn. Q tells the story of how Mack and himself met and why SKE Records will be a multimillion dollar company.  Q The Question speaks on his newly released first book “The Secret To Speaking Spanish Fluently in Less Than A Year” with SKE Publishing being the latest business venture.

Track: Trel Mack – Fill It Up

SKE Records’ Trel Mack has been making his way into the music industry for a while now and this time he comes with his new track “Fill It Up” which is an energetic track produced by Epik The Dawn that everyone can relate too. Trel Mack has a lot of projects in the works right  now there is a lot to look forward to from him and Philly’s SKE camp.

Video: Trel Mack and Q The Question visit The Midday Rush on Philly Hot Radio

SKE co-owners Trel Mack and Q The Question stopped by The Midday Rush on Philly Hot Radio to holler at Simply Monica & Tommy too Smoov. The two sat down to talk about the SKE Records movement creating a large buzz and working daily to take it to the next level. Trel also spoke on his hit record “Dreams of a Winner” ft. Shaun Chrisjohn and more.