Mixtape: PrinxMikul – Brooklyn Meets Africa



PrinxMikul, a former member of Seventh Element (Mike Tysons’ Iron Mike Music).  PrinxMikul has been recording and writing independently since leaving Seventh Element.  A genuine lyricist, he blends rhymes and wit to poetically narrate life and times of growing up and surviving in one of New York Cities most vibrant and creative neighborhoods, Flatbush, Brooklyn ,NYC. Through a chance encounter on a social music sharing site , PrinxMikul was acquainted with Envy , a producer from South Africa.  Envy was immediately enraptured with Princes flow and delivery.  Born was Brooklyn Meets Africa, the UTM mixtape is an array of beats provided by South African Producers , Envy the Loop Digger and Vez the Scenestar coupled with some of the dopest and classic rhymes in history by PrinxMikul and various Brooklyn artist