Track: Praverb ft. AWKWORD, Kev Turner and DJ Grazzhoppa – All A Dream (prod. by LX Beats)

Well known and highly regarded in the online hip hop community, the loss of Praverb was a definite shock. Earl Patrick McNease, also known as P the Wyse, was popular not only for his truth-telling rhymes but for his graciousness, honesty, kindness and humility. Long-time Praverb affiliates AWKWORD, Kev Turner, DJ Grazzhoppa and LX Beats join Praverb for his last song “All A Dream”, a tribute to P featuring the man himself, with all proceeds going to benefit his widow and their young son.

When I first opened up NHWWW to submissions it was difficult to get the word out until I found Praverb’s Ultimate Hip-Hop Blog Directory. After leaving a comment asking if I could be added to the list, Praverb almost instantly added me to the directory; the day that NHWWW took off. This was the first memory that popped into my mind after I heard the news of Praverb’s passing, as I will always be thankful for what he has done for myself, but the hip hop culture in general.

Track: Praverb ft. DJ Grazzhoppa – The Social Network (prod. by SoulChef)

Inspired by GZA’s “Publicity” and “Fame”, “The Social Network”  is a creative track that has compiled a list of social networks and incorporated them into a rhyme. With DJ Grazzhoppa’s outstanding scratches, the track was produced by the New Zealand based SoulChef.

Track: Praverb ft. Thee Tom Hardy – Super Saiyans

“Super Saiyans” was pieced together by UK beatmaker Sourface who recruited Virginian Praverb the Wyse and North Carolina’s Thee Tom Hardy who channel Vegeta and Goku on this track. Mild mannered Thee Tom Hardy, transforms into a rash individual bent on proving his naysayers wrong. Praverb, a Bible thumping Virginian, transforms into a vengeful battle rap phenom. The two super charged emcees attack the soulful sound of Sourface with a barrage of bars.  Dj Grazzhoppa, out of Belgium, adds the final touches to song with his deft scratching.