Video: A3C Festival – PA Selects Documentary (Contributed by K. Nikki)

It’s very uplifting to see people who will do anything to make their dreams a reality. I don’t even know Palermo Stone and his crew of artists but I was watching this documentary like a proud momma…so proud.

During the A3C festival, one of the many extravagant music events that occurs in the states, many travel to experience the abundance of new talent and familiar faces, crossing paths and building new found relationships destined for greatest. In this video, we get to see just one of the journeys taken on this pilgrimage for music in hopes of being hailed as “the next to shine”.

Palermo Stone, along with Beedie, AF Rome, and The Come Up Boys venture from Pittsburgh to ATL with excitement, joy, and passion to accomplish one thing: put on an amazing, momentous show. The moment I really lived for was towards the end, when a very thoughtful accolade was given to Palermo; a moment I know most artist appreciate because this industry can be so cold blooded. Nothing but well wishes to you guys. Hope you get to make it out to ATL real soon.

– Contributed by K. Nikki

Palermo Stone’s The 2nd Coming is available now on iTunes and streamed via Soundcloud below.

Video: AF Rome ft. Palermo Stone and Franchise – Royalty (dir. by Edge Media)

R.A.R.E. Nation’s newest artist, AF Rome recruits label-mate Palermo Stone and The Come Up’s Franchise for visuals to the 93P of Drumgang produced “Royalty”.   A highlight from DJ Clockwork and TreeJay of Most Dope’s annual mixtape, S.H.O.W. Time, the release features many of the top names from the Pittsburgh hip-hop scene (including Mac Miller & his various personalities) as well as some other artists in the Mid-West.  AF Rome’s style shines through as he holds his own with the two experienced emcees.  As Palermo Stone and The Come Up prepare for their upcoming releases, AF Rome is working on his debut R.A.R.E. Nation release.

Video: Palermo Stone ft. Ads Antalik and MNI – KEYS (prod. by Aus10 | dir. by JMYJAM)

From the Deluxe Edition of the album R.A.R.E., Pittsburgh’s Palermo Stone recruits label-mates Ads Antalik and MNI to provide some feel-good visuals for “Keys”.  Aus10 production accompanied by JMYJAM’s video direction finds the trio searching for the keys to their happiness before a standout closing verse from Ads Antalik.