Video: “Ready For Whatever” Makes Debut At Cannes Film Festival

British filmmaker M.A. Double brings to life the story of the opposite side of the glamorous life that is so often portrayed in today’s music and films.  Making it’s debut this week at The Cannes Film Festival, “Ready For Whatever” is a compelling story that is often overshadowed by the real story behind it.  M.A. Double spent 16 months under surveillance while out on bail awaiting trial for being an alleged drug dealer.  The star of the film Remaine Dixon was stabbed a week before the shoot and had to have two major operations.  Despite all of the setbacks, Double and crew were able to pull off a successful shoot.  After being found not guilty following a five day trial, M.A. focused his attention on bringing his project to the largest film festival in the world.  Check out the trailer for “Ready For Whatever” below.

Video: SKE Records | Webisode 2 – Unorganized Trip

SKE Records has launched the new webisode series The Rise Of SKE that documents the life and daily grind of co-founders Trel Mack & Q The Question, taking the Philly based label to the pinnacle of the music business. In webisode 2 “Unorganized Trip”, SKE plans a trip to New York City to shoot video for “Season Greetings” from Q The Question, Petter Jones & Trel Mack.

COMING SOON : NHWWW’s “World Wide” Mixtape Series

We at NHWWW are extremely excited to announce that we have began preparation for our latest venture, the World Wide mixtape series.  The mission of the series is to pair MCs and producers that regularly contribute to all the wonderful sounds that you hear daily on NHWWW.  Truly a “world wide” experience, we have been in contact with some of the best beatmakers and lyricists on the planet.  Be ready to hear the sounds of British beat composer Motel Eola, South African producer C-Rock Beats, France’s boom bap extraordinaire Keno Beats, as well Trill Gates Beats from the American side of the Atlantic.  So far, to spit bars over the beats that will be provided, we have Awkword, CuzOH Black, $osa, Celestial, Basement Up, Nostic, and newcomer Young Skip on tap.  Hosting duties are going to be provided by SKE Records’ DJ YRS Jerzy.  As this project is in the developmental stages, the release date is yet to be determined.  There is room on the mixtape for more beats and bars; if you would like to contribute, contact to inform us of your interest.

News: Daytime Soap Operas Make Digital Return

Now entering the digital stratosphere, One Life To Live is out with the old and in the new with an edgier and bolder look to spice things up in the legendary city of Llanview. This season, you can expect reoccurring roles by MTV’s Jersey Shore JWoWW, High School Musical star Corbin Bleu and special guest appearances by Snoop Lion, RiFF RaFF and more to bring that contemporary twist to the story. It is without a doubt that this will be one interesting and memorable season that fans old and new won’t want to miss.

All My Children revolves around the intertwined relationships of several families in the fictional East coast suburb of Pine Valley, Pa.   for nearly forty years, this town has been the backdrop for all the romances, schemes, murders, scandals, trials, and tribulations of their residents. Love, excitement and suspense return to Pine Valley thanks to Prospect Park/The Online Network with brand-new 30 minute episodes on Hulu, HuluPlus and iTunes.

Video: SKE Records Webisode 1 | Q The Question’s Night Grind

SKE Records gives you a look behind the scenes with an online video blog. “The Rise of SKE” series will document the upcoming label from Philadelphia started by rising star Trel Mack and tenacious music mogul on the rise Q The Question on their daily grind taking SKE Records to the top of the music business. In the first installment, Q The Question gives a sneak peek into the latest mixtape he’s hosting with DJ Fatz Cohibas & Cognac and what coming next from SKE Records.

News: Snoop Lion and IZA To Perform New Theme For “One Life To Live”

Prospect Park/The Online Network has partnered with Snoop Lion, aka Snoop Dogg, and his new Artist IZA whom have signed on to write and produce the new theme song for the serial drama, “One Life to Live,” premiering with all new episodes on Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes on Monday, April 29th. The song entitled, “Brand New Start” speaks to the much anticipated series return and features soulful singer, IZA, newly signed to Snoop’s Berhane Sound System/Boss Lady Entertainment label.



In addition to producing and performing on the theme song, Snoop Lion will also be appearing as himself in new episodes. On the series, Snoop Lion is set to visit the fictional town of Llanview to promote his new Indie film, “Reincarnated” which documents his journey from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion.