Album: Pony Boy – The Greaser Manifesto

A collection of Beats At Will artist Pony Boy’s defining tracks.  Features appearances from Detroit heavyweights like Marv Won, Diezel,  Billy’s homies Hatch and Shortchange, as well as plenty of cameos from BAW labelmates including Paradime.  The Greaser Manifesto also boasts production from Eddie Logix, Astray, Ben Price and more.

Album: Knox Money – Free Nights and Weekends

The Cherry Hill Hustla drops his debut album on Detroit’s Beats At Will Records.  The long-awaited release features appearances from Paradime, Jypsy, and Mr. Chief as well as beats and bars from in house producer Astray.  Support your local BAW and download this album.

Mixtape: Beats At Will – Support Your Local B.A.W. Vol 1

Got Ink Tattoos And DJ AMF Present Support Your Local B.A.W.Vol 1.  The all Detroit underground hip-hop label’s mixtape, anchored by BAWse, Paradime, features all original beats and Beats at Will‘s eclectic label line up including DJ AMF, Street Justice’s Ketchphraze and Jypsy, and Detroit emcee Chief, featuring guest appearances from Elzhi, Trick Trick, Marv Won, Production From Detroit’s Peace of Mind, Apollo Brown, Astray, Eddie Logix, Pig Pen and many more.