Video: Josh Waters – Dave and Amy



From the album The Heart Suit, the video for “Dave and Amy” has a unique one take shot with a powerful subject. Originally from Mississippi, now working in Atlanta, Josh Waters is on the forefront of the new wave of R&B. Connect with Josh on Twitter and Instagram at @joshwatersmusic.

EP: Prozpect – D I M E N S I O N S

D I M E N S I O N S comprises six brilliantly well produced tracks from Mississippi/Texas native Prozpect. It is easy to cloud the blissful abstracted audio of this EP with details of its complexities. Breaking rules that others couldn’t get away with and involving listeners in a way that very few hip-hop acts are able to do, the project is destined to pull in music fans of various genres. Proz bathes your brain in lush textures, surprising and explosive atmospheres set in undiscovered, unearthly dimensions. Production is handled by Prozpect himself, Shelter PointLapaluxVirtual-420, andLuxury. The EP also includes a feature from both Shelter Point and the songstress Py.

Track: L.E.D. ft. Kevin Jack – Superstar

The Mississippi native L.E.D. is back again with another upbeat pop type hit which is sure to entice your ears right from the jump. “Superstar” features an acoustically led beat which is held down throughout by the soulful vocals we have all come to know and love from L.E.D. The catchy chorus is sure to have you hooked while Kevin Jacks well received verse adds a little somethin’ extra to the mix.

Track: Dojo Seven – O’My God

Jackson, Mississippi’s Dojo Seven is intelligent, charismatic and on the come up.  He has spent his whole life in flux between high peaks and desperate valleys and his music expresses this merger.  Formal educational training, urban sensibilities, and life experiences with both middle class wealth’ and desolate poverty allow his music to be concurrently young in spirit and old in wisdom.  Produced by Heat Up Beats, the track “O’My God” from Dojo Seven’s debut Dojo Seven’s Hookah Smoke was dropped as a duel single along with “Cream“.

Track: L.E.D – Let It Go

Twenty One year old Elley Duhe, now going by her stage name (LED) is rising each day staking her claim in music.  The Alabama singer/songwriter now living along the Mississippi coast straps on her Taylor playing out to countless crowds in the region.  She is currently writing and recording with top industry producers to complete her first album to be released later this year.