Album Premiere: Ivy League – For The Love Of Women

Ivy League’s For the Love of Women, the side project from Cincinnati hip hop artist Kenny Bryant, uses the successful formula of making music that the female gender will relate to. Joined by fellow EZ World collaborators including Joey Mack and Hapless, both known for being reputable solo artists, F.L.O.W. also has something for the guys as well. Produced exclusively by Fugitive Beatz, For the Love of Women is now on Bandcamp and will be available from all digital retailers in August.

Mixtape: NHDub – World Wide


We at NHDub are extremely excited to announce that we have finally concluded our latest venture, the World Wide mixtape. The mission of the project was to pair MCs and producers that regularly contribute to all the wonderful sounds that you hear daily on NHWWW. Truly a “world wide” experience, we have compositions from some of the best beatmakers and lyricists on the planet. World Wide features the sounds of British beat composer Motel Eola, South African producer C-Rock Beats, as well as Trill Gates Beats and Eli Saf from the American side of the Atlantic along with many more producers. Notable artists such Awkword, Eazy Steve & J.O., $osa, CuzOH!, Kaddie Lak, Simile and newcomers INCrowd, Kenny Bryant, Hapless, 10 MP and more are on tap.

Video Premiere: Kenny Bryant ft. Hapless – I’ll Quit Smoking

After many audio only appearances on NHDub, Cincinnati hip hop acts Kenny Bryant and Hapless have teamed up to bring us a visual for their collaboration on “I’ll Quit Smoking”. The struggles, and victories, of being a stoner are well documented on the fun track. Now available on iTunes, “I’ll Quit Smoking” can be found on Kenny Bryant’s latest album, Sacred Geometry.

Album: Kenny B – Sacred Geometry

Now available on iTunes, the latest release from Kenny B, Sacred Geometry, features exciting appearances from his Ivy League team members. After undergoing a recent re branding period which also included a name change from his previously known moniker of Young Skip, Kenny B has reemerged with intentions of taking a top spot in the Cincinnati hip hop community.

World Wide Premiere: Similie ft. Kenny B And Hapless – Gone (prod. by C Rock Beats)

Truly more than a mixtape title, the upcoming project we are putting together at NHWWW is a definite “WorldWide” experience. C Rock Beats, who hails from South Africa has once again teamed with frequent collaborator, California MC Simile. This time however, they are not alone on the track. Both out of Cincinnati, Kenny B and Hapless join Similie on the C Rock production. Exclusive beats from C Rock can be found on NHWWW, keep an eye out for the upcoming WorldWide mixtape as well as past and future releases from these talented artists.

Track: Hapless ft. Kenny “Skip” B – I’ll Quit Smoking

Brand new single from Hapless featuring the artist formerly known as Young Skip, Kenny B.  Both from Cincinnati, Hapless and Kenny roll one up in defiance while saving some saliva to spit some pro-smoking verbiage.  Be on the lookout for new releases from both Hapless and Kenny B as well as appearances on the upcoming World Wide mixtape.