World Wide Premiere: Awkword – Whose Streets? (prod. by Delegation of Sound)

Fresh off the heels of the ground breaking first-ever 100% for-charity global hip hop album World View, NYC lyricist Awkword links up with Dutch production team Delegation of Sound for “Whose Streets?”.  The revolutionary track focuses on standing up against what, or whom, may be attempting to hold you down. From our much anticipated upcoming World Wide mixtape, “Whose Streets?” is available for free download on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Audiomack.

Track: Young Skip – Off The Boat

Brand new track that will only be found on NHWWW from featured artist Young Skip as brings the dope game back to the rap game with dirty bars from the Cincinnati streets.  Produced by Surf, Skip recognizes game & gives shouts out to fellow Cincy acts such as Joey Mack before jumping “Off The Boat”.  Be on the lookout for Skip’s upcoming Bohemian Grove as well as more exclusive sounds on the soon to be released World Wide Mixtape

Featured Track: Young Skip – Round 1 (prod. by Cincy Beats)

Here’s a brand new track from featured artist Young Skip’s summer release, the Bohemian Grove EP.  On the JV Beats produced “Round 1”, Young Skip knocks out the competition and sets the record straight that he is in the fight to win.  Check out Young Skip on Facebook and Twitter as well as keeping a lookout for new sounds from Skip and  Cincy Beats here on NHWWW.

Video: DJ YRS Jerzy ft. Chox-Mak – Make It Last

DJ YRS Jerzy and his artist Chox-Mak are taking over the underground hip hop scene once again with there hit single “Make It Last“. They have been receiving so much great feed back on the track that they have decided to drop the visual for it.  Chox-Mak goes in on this Keith Sweat sampled N-Tone beat.  The new single“Make It Last” from DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak is available for download here on NHWWW.

Track: DMX – Cats Don’t Know (JV Cincy Beats Remix)

New remix from JV Cincy Beats, this time we are presenting the re-sounding of DMX’s “Cats Don’t Know” from the Light It Up Soundtrack.  Be on the lookout for more “freestyle beat” remixes from JV Cincy Beats as well as a full length instrumentals album that will offer artists the opportunity to purchase single songs, or have the entire album as the background for their project for only $1 a track.

Track: SPIVEY – Meaningless



With a long look back at life, Shawn Spivey reflects on the tragedies and triumphs of his personal and professional lives.  A true vision into the way we all silently feel.  Originally slated to be on NHWWW’s exclusive re-release of the Cincinnati local classic Droppin’ ‘Em, “Meaningless” is now available in anticipation of SPIVEY’s next project.

Track: INCrowd – Just Because

Young Lolly and Kid Tino lived across the hall from each other in an apartment building in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The two were long time video game friends, and often talked about and listened to rap/hip hop.  Lolly’s father was a local producer in Cincinnati that often brought his young son with him to the studio or radio station.  “I grew up watching dudes like Sa’Purb, Corey Bread, SPIVEY, and so on in the studio. My dad had me watch everything from the mic to the mixboard.”  Lolly’s father saw Young Lolly’s love for music grow and naturally took part in shaping Lolly’s early writing skills. A problem occurred when Lolly’s father supplied beats for Lolly. “It wasn’t working!!!” Lolly said with a laugh. “My dad had created hits for his generation, but it was a different time and sound, and I needed to make a mark for my generation.”  Lolly’s dad understood and went on a quest to find the perfect producer for Lolly.  He didn’t need to look far.

Kid Tino was a natural fit. Tino was already considered family, as Lolly’s dad was already Tino’s mentor. Legend has it, that Tino was shown the basics of beat making only one time and was making beats on his own in less than 24 hours. “I wasn’t gonna waste time. I knew what a track needed to sound like by today’s standards, so I learned what I needed to know then added my twist to it.” Tino’s average turn around rate went from pumping out one tune a week to roughly two or three a day.  “Lolly was already writing, so I wanted to make sure he had something hot to spit to,” said Tino.

One year later, the INCrowd has finished their debut mixtape The Conference and are fast at work on the follow up CD Detention.  “We want to make it all, club bangers, deep tracks-” says Lolly, as Tino interrupts, “-and get paid!!!”