DJ Mix: Ohhpe – OHHPE AND FRIENDS (Spring mix 2014)

Artist/designer/DJ, Ohhpe, aka DJ Soup Stain drops his personal mix of favorite tracks on us with 54 minutes of great music.

From The DJ:

“Everybody sit your musically inclined asses down and listen to this spring mix brought to you by the DJ Soup Stain ya bish. It’s a lot of final exams, AP exams, prom stress, job stress, and life complications going on with the good folks of the world. Whether none of the previously stated applies to you is cool. You can still vibe to the sound of Eli Saf, Ohhpe, Jay Z, Pharrell, Fat Trel, Cattykits, Jerry Tufts, and more. Below is a well constructed mix of hot songs. Tune down your radio for just an hour or two and relax a bit with some hot new music. Keep it blunt ya’ll and enjoy!”

Track: MaxBeKillinIt ft. FAT TREL – Crack

MaxBeKillinIt releases the debut single from his highly anticipated project “Fatal Attraction”. Max links up with DC’s #1 Fat Fool, Fat Trel, to create a record that will have the streets fiending like cocaine in the 80’s. Get Hip. Follow me @MaxBeKillinIt on twitter and IG

Track: MaxBeKillinIt FT. Fat Trel – Crack

ROTSC frontman @MaxBeKillinIt releases the first single “Crack” from his highly anticipated “Fatal Attraction” mixtape which is set to drop later this year. Max links up with DC’s #1 Fat Fool and Slutty Boyz frontman, Fat Trel, to create a powerful record that will have everyone from Telegraph to Benning Road wanting more.