Track: Action Bronson – Get Off My PP (DJ Low Cut Remix)

Cleaning out the Gmail account to make room for incoming submissions, I came across this gem from DJ Low Cut with his version of Action Bronson’s “Get Off My PP”.  Can’t believe I missed this, proof that get more submissions than I am able to post for sure. Usually unwilling to post submissions I’ve been sitting on for a while, I had to get this up.

Track: Nutso and DJ Low Cut ft. Rasheed Chappell, AG da Coroner, C​-​Rayz Walz, Smiley The Ghetto Child – Homicide Blocks


New from Nutso & Dj Low Cut with “Homicide Blocks” featuring appearances from Rasheed Chappell, AG Da Coroner, C-Rayz Walz & Smiley The Ghetto Child.  The track is from the In The Cut EP which also includes guest spots from Timeless Truth, Dirt Platoon,  K-Tone, DJ Modesty & more.

Video: Nutso + DJ Low Cut ft. Timeless Truth – Grand Scheme


New Video from Nutso & DJ Low Cut with “Grand Shceme” featuring Timeless Truth and cuts from DJ Modesty.  After several collaborations on respective projects including, France’s Finest NY Minute Remix, Nutso & DJ Low Cut decided to work on a common project with the result being In The Cut.  Completely inspired by mid-90’s New York hip-hop, the EP is produced entirely by DJ Low Cut, with Nutso not being alone behind the microphone featuring guest appearances from Smiley The Ghetto Child, Dirt Platoon, Timeless Truth, AG da Coroner and more.

Album: DJ Lo Cut Presents | France’s Finest NY Minute Remix



Yes, French people are mean, proud, always on strike and eat only baguettes.. but they also make dope hip-hop beats.  Here’s the proof with this Remix Album of Dj Low Cut’s NY Minute with contributions from French beatmakers as Al’Tarba, I.N.C.H., Ghetto Blaster, Grim Reaperz,  Mistamaff, Astonaute, DJ Brans and more.  The album also boasts exclusive tracks from DJ Low Cut featuring Wildelux, Raf Almighty, Lord Lhus, B.A.M. & M-dot and Dirt Platoon.

Track: DJ Low Cut Presents | Dirt Platoon – Second Brokest (DJ Brans Remix)



Another extract from France’s Finest NY Minute Remix  featuring remix tracks of DJ Low Cut’s NY Minute album from the likes of  Al’Tarba, Astronaute, Flev, I.N.C.H., Grim Reaperz, Ugly Tony, Mistamaff & more. Cuts on the project are crourtesy of DJ Nix’On, Dj DJ az, Chinch33, DJ Proteck & DJ Family Tiz.

Track: B.A.M. and M-Dot ft Jaysaun, Nutso, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Blacastan, Block McCloud, Chaundon and Tribeca – Visonaries (Remix)


New Track – “Visonaries” by B.A.M. & M-Dot featuring Jaysaun, Nutso, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Blacastan, Block McCloud, Chaundon & Tribeca.  Monster of a lineup new posse cut depicts the 3rd eye awareness.  “Visonaries” will appear on B.A.M & M-Dot’s collaborative mixtape out end of this year, as we as featured on DJ Low Cut’s NY Minute Remix LP