Track: 10 MP ft. CLVPRO – H E A R T B R E A K

Eastern New Mexico artist 10 MP recently gave another glimpse at his upcoming Sunset project with the recent release “H E A R T B R E A K”, produced by Seoul Sounds. Featuring an appearance from frequent collaborator CLVPRO, the pair interprets heartbreaking moments and transforms them into music.

Album: 10 MP – SummersEnd

Available for download on Live Mixtapes, 10 MP builds on his free-thinking musical style with his seasonal celebration, SummersEnd. Prominent on the release are open-minded, educated concepts and lyrics from the New Mexico artist and collaborators including Pacheco and Phoenix; highlighted by the previously released Johnny Diplo produced “Melting“, featuring Kayden$e and CLVPRO. Also contributing production to his own project, 10 MP’s SummersEnd also has joints from LaFrance, Mad Money, Uncle Dave and C – Rock Beats.