Album: Dirt Nasty + Andre Legacy + Beardo – The White Boys


Another side project from the former clean cut MTV VJ Simon Rex, Dirt Nasty is back in the lab with frequent collaborators Beardo and Andre Legacy.  If there is actual recording equipment in the same room the meth is being cooked I would not be surprised.  Tired of the direction that the hip hop scene is leaning, The White Boys have dropped what they call a “fuckin’ 90’s gangster rap album.  Growing up during the generation that MTV actually played music videos, I knew who Simon Rex was and was immediately drawn to his Dirt Nasty persona when I first caught a video back in the Myspace days.  A fan of a lot of work from this trio, traditional hip hop with conscious lyrics is not what a new listener will find on this album.  For a good time and perhaps the soundtrack to your Saturday night, if you are down with that crazy shit, download The White Boys over on iTunes.