Album: Audible Doctor – The Spring Tape

Just before the season technically ended, Audible Doctor was able to unload The Spring Tape, the third of the “Seasons” series. Produced by the good doctor himself in it’s entirety, the EP features Hus Kingpin, Tragedy Khadafi, Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Has-Lo & more.

Track: The Audible Doctor ft. Davenport Grimes – The Cycle/So Tired (Remix)


To celebrate the recent release of The Audible Doctor’s Can’t Keep The People Waiting EP now available on Multicolored Vinyl, he has contstructed an ILL remix of the first track off the EP avialable as a free digital download. The Multicolored Vinyl EP is available at and The Audible Doctor’s Bandcamp page.


Free Thinkers 2 ART

Tragedy Khadafi  drops his first off of his upcoming album “Pre-Magnum Opus”. No artist likes to be compared to any other artist. Some see it as an insult while others see it as motivation to be better than the compared. Tragedy, please don’t take any offense to my next statement. I can’t stop thinking that I’m listening to a young Nasir Jones. Tragedy Khadafi’s sound mixed with a track produced by Audible Doctor and I do believe that we have a winner. Can November 24th come any quicker?

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Track: 50 Cent ft. Young Buck – This Is Murder Not Music Remix (prod. by Audible Doctor)

After 50 Cent’s recent release “This Is Murder Not Music” produced by Audible Doctor, we now have a remix featuring 50’s longtime cohort.  The recently freed Young Buck hops on the track to provide something new and different at the same time.  “The This Is Murder Not Music” Remix is available for free download over on Audiomack.