New Vision United Methodist Church



Located in Cincinnati, New Vision United Methodist Church serves a mission to live as A Christian Community of “Hope, Help & Healing”.  The desire to help create passionate members of the church is fueled by an aspiration to help strengthen the community.  Deeply committed to those in surrounding areas, New Vision strongly encourages its members to donate food and have recently partnered with Kroger and Cincinnati’s Freestore Foodbank to do just that.  New Vision’s exceptional emphasis on children and youth is addressed with programs such as Thursday Tutoring, Bible Study, a Multicultural Library and field trips among many other activities.  Health and Exercise programs, including an indoor walking track open to the public are also available.  As Christians, New Vision United Methodist Church serves to repair the community by expanding the ministry and mission focus of the church.  The mission to make passionate, committed disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the community starts with core values essential to leading, managing and ministering by example.  New Vision has recently made it possible for those unable to attend services to watch via UStream.  Along with new accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Vine, members of any community can keep up with the church anytime on any mobile device.  Feel free to visit the main site for further information from New Vision United Methodist Church.