Rising Star: Emily Lovejoy

It is a rare feat to see an artist channel their emotions into painting in a short amount of time. This takes skill and passion that cannot be measured. In this case, the artist is Emily Lovejoy.

This recent graduate of the University of New Orleans is a force to be reckoned with. She uses her paintbrush to capture the audience at shows while DJs, bands and different hip-hop artists perform. Emily describes her unique style by simply by stating, “The process I use to create my recaptured images stems from the cognitive accumulation of tangible and intangible materials such as furry animals, baked goods, magazines, sex, lyrics, fashion and hip-hop and the graffiti lifestyle”.

Emily has worked with artists and events such as Voodoo Fest for G-Eazy, Lyriqs da Lyraciss who was featured in Where Y’at Magazine as a person to watch, the band AbPysch at House of Blues (Nola) and Uptown Getdown with DJ Quickie Mart x Tony Skratchere at Tipitina’s. Not to mention, she was chosen to represent New Orleans as RAW Visual Artist of 2013 for her contributions to The Big Easy’s music and art scenes.

Keep an eye out for Emily Lovejoy. She is an artist who’s talents you do not want to sleep on.

– Contributed by Hope Alyssa @theradiantrebel

Fashion: Traphaus Collection – Burlington, New Jersey

Burlington County is a place I hold very dear to my heart.  Like all places it has it’s ups and downs but I have a very deep history with it.  I’m young but extremely wise for my age.  I can learn to appreciate the smaller things and help build better of it.  This is one of those things I hope to help build a long history with.  I hope the whole world can one day enjoy a little bit of Burlington County but here’s a smaller piece of it.

A little on how “Traphaus Collection began:

TRAP–Tryna Reach All Possibilities
HAUS—(German spelling of House)
Traphaus was originally created by SeyGwen and AshKashMoney out of Burlington, New Jersey.  SeyGwen, an explorer of her own creativity from painting, designing clothes, and even making music.  AshKashMoney, a college graduate with a degree in TV/film and a minor in drama.  These two would come together to create an online handpicked thrift store.  Along with their stylish handpicked items came new original products such as the Traphaus Collect tie dye tee and their latest product the Traphaus Collect hoodie.
“Sometimes it’s the little things that count as well as the big things- traphaus collection is a work in process- a custom masterpiece composed of art. don’t just stare at the door come in to the trap haus.. it’s an open invitation to an adventure and journey thru life” – SeyGwen
I don’t know if I’ve been living under a rock for long but, I’ve never heard of a handpicked online thrift store mixed with streetwear.  This is the most original thing I’ve seen or heard of in a clothing aspect in a while but maybe that’s just me.  SeyGwen seems to promote creativity and positivity through her clothing.  Positivity paves the way for the future and in my opinion this is the future.  Sometimes things come better with age and in this case it would be clothing.  Burlington County and New Jersey as a whole needs a serious movement and I’ll end it like this.  Look out for my creative friend SeyGwen and my second home… Burlington County, New Jersey.





Fashion: “Fade™” – Omaha, Nebraska

I’d like to start by saying brands are extremely time consuming and cost great amounts of emotion.  A couple months ago I found a brand through a mutual follower @feedmekicks who heavily supports the brand. Also many could ask the question: What’s even in Omaha, Nebraska? Well for starters artist, bloggers, and people like us only trying to make a positive difference.  Lets kick it off with one of Omaha’s up & coming brands “Fade”.

How “Fade” began as Dro Smoove says:

“A little bout “Fade” ,started with us just throwing around the street phrase “catch this fade” which simply means catch this beat down. I was taught it’s more G to throw hands than to pick up a gun.  Since the phrase is old plenty of younger people around my age (17-25) would think “Fade” was an acronym standing for “Fuck All Day Everyday” so it developed a second meaning after a while.   Only starting early this year “Fade” has had business and love throughout the Midwest and is spreading more to the east in states like New York , North Carolina , Maryland etc.”

An accomplishment can be anything but as long as it means the world to the one who makes that accomplishment, that’s all that matters.

Accomplishments for “Fade” as Dro Smoove says:

“Having the brand starting to expand in a positive way is a great accomplishment to me. Even just getting it up and goin has been one.”

I’d like to thank Fade and Dro Smoove for the info on the brand.  Don’t forget to support the positive!



Instagram – fade_inc

Video: The History Of Eyewear With Questlove

Vintage Frames Company Presents: The History Of Eyewear With Questlove, the undisputed encyclopedia of hip-hop culture. From his humble come up, to his current stadium status position, Questlove stands for everything pure in the hip-hop culture. A famed collector of records, memorabilia, and eyewear, Questlove takes us through the history of vintage sunglasses in the hip-gop culture as seen through his eyes. From the streets of Philly and the start of The Roots, all the way to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Questlove shares it all. He discusses in-depth history of the iconic eyewear brand Cazal and their place in past and current culture.

Check out Impire Clothing

Impire Clothing was launched in early 2011 out of Cincinnati, Ohio. With music, skateboarding and alternative inspired clothing Impire set out to dominate the apparel industry with quality, and affordable gear.

Impire has gained national attention sponsoring Strikeforce and Bellator veteran and long-time friend Dom T. Steele. Look for Impire to be on the rise as they have no intention of slowing down until they reach the top. Go Impire or GO HOME!”

For more information and to see the clothing Impire has to offer, visit ImpireClothing.com, like their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter, @ImpireClothing.

Video: The History Of Eyewear With DJ Jazzy Jeff

Vintage Frames Company Presents: The History Of Eyewear With DJ Jazzy Jeff.  As current fashion is an almost exact emulation of the past, it is important to understand where we came from.  As part of an ongoing series, The Vintage Frames Company calls on Hip-Hop legends to take us on a journey through what was the history of eyewear in their eyes.  On this episode, join DJ Jazzy Jeff as we explore his personal connection with eyewear, and the importance of eyewear in Hip-Hop.

Introducing: Blast Off Clothing Line


Blast Off Clothing is a company that ignited through the dedication and determination of building a clothing line that could expand upon current and future comfort and style. Although growing up in a small town, Blast Off did not limit themselves to small hopes and condense dreams. Blast Off aspires to be above all others, which is why they set themselves outside of the atmosphere, blowing up to galactic levels. Not only is the company taking off, but taking a chance at bringing the hottest collection of clothing available to date. No matter your preference or style, Blast Off has something for everyone. At Blast Off the countdown has began, so it’s time to get on board, or get left behind. Check out some of the pieces from the latest collection below.