Shvkeir – Cvmervs [Mixtape]

Shvkeir, (pronounced Shock-ear) is a 21 year old hip-hop artist from Dallas, Texas. After the release of his debut album, Soul Compositions, he is working on a new project, Posers, set to release in 2014. On 6.1.14 he dropped a 5 song EP called Cvmervs as a prelude to what the album would hold and introduce a new style of music. Influenced heavily by electronic music and sampling, Shvkeir uses both those influences and gives it a twist and would be better classified as an Alternative or trip-hop artist.

Project Title : Cvmervs (EP)
Twitter : @Shvkavelli
Facebook : Shvkeir 


Eyes Wide Shut – Wilson [Mixtape]


Ohio’s lyrical Hip-Hop artist Wilson is back and better than ever with his new project called Eyes Wide Shut. Wilson mixes his classic lyrical rap style with a new style of music that is sure to leave you tuned in. Give it a listen and tell him what you think at his twitter- @w1ls0n

Track: Wilson – King Me


Up and coming WV artist Wilson comes to us with King Me, his newest single off of his newest tape Eyes Wide Shut, which will be dropping June 3rd. The skilled artist chose a appropriate name for the song as he demands the title he strives for. Go support the boy and follow him on twitter and soundcloud @w1lson

Track: Malik White – Life That I’m Livin [Prod. by Dubb]

Young artist Malik White teams up with his brother and producer Dubb to create his debut single “Life That I’m Livin”. The track gives an insight on the past decisions in the life of Malik and shows the talent that he will use to improve in the future, especially with the line “These aint words from a fool, these the words of progression”. Full of life lessons through verbal flashbacks, its apparent this song meant a lot to the young artist and was a perfect choice for his first ever song to be released to the public. Go follow Malik White on twitter @YungHoesama and the producer of the track Dubb @DubbDaGreat and show support

Video: Al Rocco – For My City (Hong Kong TVC)


“BEYOND VISION-OCULAR PLUS As neon lights shreds through the busy streets of Kowloon City, we see a core district of Hong Kong , where the crooks and their dirty business went down back in 1960s,as time washes away this historical pass, Kowloon City has become a hidden gem filled with local Hong Kong stores and restaurants, and here we find a modern optical shop,Ocular Plus, which stands out among these heritage buildings. Never judge by a book by its cover, or a district by its surrounding, look deeper, and we will realize everything is beyond vision. Track composed and performed by Al Rocco.”

DJ Mix: Ohhpe – OHHPE AND FRIENDS (Spring mix 2014)

Artist/designer/DJ, Ohhpe, aka DJ Soup Stain drops his personal mix of favorite tracks on us with 54 minutes of great music.

From The DJ:

“Everybody sit your musically inclined asses down and listen to this spring mix brought to you by the DJ Soup Stain ya bish. It’s a lot of final exams, AP exams, prom stress, job stress, and life complications going on with the good folks of the world. Whether none of the previously stated applies to you is cool. You can still vibe to the sound of Eli Saf, Ohhpe, Jay Z, Pharrell, Fat Trel, Cattykits, Jerry Tufts, and more. Below is a well constructed mix of hot songs. Tune down your radio for just an hour or two and relax a bit with some hot new music. Keep it blunt ya’ll and enjoy!”

Mixtape: W!LL – Drugs In The Forrest


19 year old NJ artist W!LL drops his newest 7 song project Drugs In The Forrest. Executively produced by Rashaun, with placements from producer Dubb and W!LL himself, the tape shows W!LL in his deepest thougths, contemplating a lot of things and getting them off his chest, like college, money worries, girls, and just trying to enjoy life.






Track: Jus Daze – New Yawk [Prod by Stradivarius]

It seems like Jus Daze is trying to send us a message about his hometown with his latest catalog of releases and with his newest track entitled “New Yawk”, he gets straight to the point.

“New Yawk” gives listeners that authentic New York feel with a killer production provided by Stradivarius & hardcore descriptive imagery provided by Daze. Joints like “New Yawk” are a refreshing reminder of where the Mecca & birthplace of Hip Hop are.

Take a trip to New Yawk & enjoy this free download.

Lyrics/Vocals: Jus Daze | Production: Stradivarius | Mix/Master: Jeremias Santiago of FTL Recordings | Cover Art: GOODIDEAstyle

Contact Jus Daze via:

Track: LC Da GhostRider feat. Dub O – Girls Who Smoke Weed (That’s Deep)

LC Da GhostRider teams up with Dub O to create the self explanatory track “Girls Who Smoke Weed (That’s Deep)” to show love to all the ladies out there that enjoy the herb. Chill vibed with heavy hi hats, the track compliments the artists voices and rhyme scheme well, while also having a catchy hook.


Follow the artists on twitter at


Album: Eli Saf – KID


18 year old Bronx native Eli Saf recently dropped his newest self produced work named KID. Dedicated to Eli’s late uncle, the 10 track project sheds light on Eli’s current situation, transitioning into college so far and his memories from high school. This project is the next step in Eli’s path to fame. It shows progression in audio quality, clever wordplay, production, lyrical content, track diversity, and of course flow. The tape contains features and placements from Kaddie Lak, Rashaun, W!LL, Ryshon Jones, Phenombeatmaker, Eli’s own father, and Vince Scxtt. Follow Eli to hear more of his work @TWOCUPELI