Track: Chox-Mak Ft. DJ YRS Jerzy – Night Shift [Prod. by Dr. G]


Independent artists are now taking control of their careers and making names for themselves in a big way. Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy are independent artists working to establish their name in the industry. Their latest single Night Shift has a smooth early 90’s hip-hop feel, mixed with a nice guitar sample that completes the track.  The beat smith on this production was brought by common collaborator Dr.G out of Manchester,UK. Peep the track below.



Video: Joe and Box Ft. Charlie X – Splinter

New Jersey duo Joe & Box drop off a visual for their track entitled Splinter, from their debut album, Never Grow Up, that was released today. In the visual Joe & Box find themselves held captive in a prison that seems to be in total darkness, until they begin to tear away the black abyss and discover an unknown world full of possibilities. They must then choose whether to stay in the safety of their known world or stray out into a world where anything is possible. With the help of Charlie X, the duo delivers a solid track that is worth the listen. Peep the visual above.



Track: Zan Dretti – Flagrant [Prod. by Kaha Timoti]



Tennessee artist, Zan Dretti, has been dropping tracks here and there ever since the release of his album Gold Plu$ 2 last December. Now Dretti is back with the first single, entitled Flagrant, off of his upcoming project Gold Plu$ 3, that is due to drop this Summer. GP3 (Gold Plu$ 3) is the final installment in the Gold Plu$ triliogy and looks to be the most promising of the three. Zan shows growth and versatilty punchline after punchline, get flagrant with Zan Dretti and listen to the track below.